WANKE Precision Tools Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1996, we have been strictly adhere to quality control to design-oriented research and development, manufacturing high-quality tool to ensure that we manufacture high-precision, high-quality products, to maintain stability in a high level.
  We use the latest production equipment, the use of hardware has always been maintained at a leading position, we can produce are widely used in aviation manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, railway locomotive manufacturing, mold manufacturing, etc. Shen-hole tools, high-performance The reamer, milling cutter, drill ... ... and in accordance with the special requirements of customers a variety of non-standard custom shape tool cutter ladder, we have high-quality non-standard tool for many years more from the successful experience accumulated.
  We and a number of scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning to develop and co-operation carried out most of the operation of the company staff training by the company to grow, with good practical skills of special operations is very good qualified employees is an investment company, Such investment can also better ensure that we produce high quality products with high stability.
We have successfully developed a PCD, CBN forming a variety of non-standard tool, with the quality of our products continue to enhance and broaden the scope, the majority of customers here in our processing of the issue may be the perfect solution. Only through continuous quality control and compliance with the effective energy-efficient use of energy in order to create efficient, performance, consistent product quality.
  We will maintain close customer contact and processing joint research program to record all relevant information collected to be analyzed towards a higher quality, higher requirements for advance, this is the work we have been the driving force of our company's philosophy one.
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